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There have been so many bad storms lately, many of these storms have been doing massive damage to peoples roofs. When it comes to hail and wind damage starts at about golf balls size hail and 60 mile per hour winds. It is no wonder we have so many roofing contractors calling us for help with their roof repairs and replacements. Many roofing companies are overwhelmed by all these repairs needed in Wichita, Topeka and Overland Park this month. There has been so much work that many companies are now outsourcing their leads. We have a 30 man team of roofers ready for any job so we accept these leads as necessary to keep us busy. We always want our customers to be happy that is one thing we never forget!

Overland Park roofers

our Overland Park roofers

Wichita roofing crew

our Wichita roofing crew

We will continue to refer folks to the best roofing companies in Overland Park regardless of how intense the weather in Wichita gets, We will also help those in need of roof repairs in Overland Park because we do not only refer business but we do many repairs ourselves. We usually choose the larger jobs and give the lighter ones away to smaller contractors.
Owner Angelo Davis is proud to announce her Overland Park roofing company being open now for 15 years, very impressive considering she started the company by herself locally roofing.

Angela Davis Overland Park roofing president

president Angela Davis

If you are one of the  Topeka customers with a roof leak or you have roofing damage to your home, we are here to help. You can start by signing up for a free estimate that will get the ball rolling. Then you need to temporarily block the damaged roof so that the roof leak will not do any more damage, if it is impossible for you to fix the roof temporarily then you can easily put a bucket under the leaking roof during any rain storms or snow falls, this will lessen the overall water damage.

rainy bucket

Drip bucket

Our main goal here is to get the customer the best roofing company possible, in order to do this we often times refer our customers to other roofers in the area. if we feel we are not the best for the specific job needs of the customer’s roof repairs we will find the top roofers for you.

roof with a tarp on it

Tarp over leaky area

If you have recently acquired an insurance plan for your home you may have been reminded that your insurance claim for hail and wind damage usually must be submitted within one month of the roofing incident. If you are nearing this date be sure to get your free estimate today so you can qualify for your roofing insurance. Generally the roofing Insurance company will also like you to get the roof repairs in Wichita done within a month of the rough weather conditions that caused your damaged roof.


Office support Sarah Day

Sarah Day office support

We start work here very quickly after an estimate is requested. We can have an estimate at your door within 24 hours. We can also be working on replacing your leaking roof within 24 hours of your estimate completion. So if you would like your leaky roof to be fixed tomorrow please contact us today!